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Built by buyers, for buyers, Proppy helps you choose the right areas, find the ideal properties and stay on top of the market.

Screenshot of suburb insights
Screenshot of suburb insights

Start Looking in the Right Areas From Day One

Based on your personal profile, we look at millions of data points to show you which suburbs have the type of property that fit your budget & lifestyle.

Already have suburbs in mind? Use our data to validate your choices. Don't know where to start? We'll help you find the perfect area.

Find "The One" With Our Curated Real Estate Search Experience

Our Property Finder scores each real estate listing based on your profile showing you instantly which properties are a go (and which are a no).

Available homes ranked according to your criteria
Available homes ranked according to your criteria

Weekly Market Updates to Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Once you've setup your profile, our Market Watch automatically keeps an eye on the market to let you know what's selling each week.

What Our Users Are Saying

It gave me a much greater sense of optimism than

Typically I feel like my budget is never good enough, and then on Proppy I felt there were so many great options and I was spoilt for choice.

This is so cool!

What a great idea! So easy to use, I'm seeing properties I haven't seen yet!

I really liked how it gave each property a rating... to how it suited me. I have viewed many of these properties on which shows it is quite good in picking out the properties I am interested in. I also found the ratings for different types of utilities very good.